Diggy Loot v1.5 is live on the store!

Alright folks! We are proud to announce that version 1.5 of Diggy Loot is available on the App Store. This update brings a lot fo new stuff to the game, as well as a good cleanup behind the scenes. In this new version you can expect: 40 brand new levels! Explore the Jurassic and Ice […]

Diggy Loot v1.3 out!

Today we released an updated version of Diggy Loot. Changes including: – Removal of Christmas theme – Levels which contains artifacts now have a red level button – Visual effects of points earned from digging, eliminating enemies, disabling traps etc. Remember to update the app from the App Store to see these new changes. Also […]

Crazy Volleyball Physics

We have updated the game with a few modifications to make it easier to earn more coins to buy new characters and environments. After winning a match you get the option to double your coins earned by watching an ad. We have also done some minor tweaks to the code to make sure everything is […]

Diggy Loot soft launch

Our newest game Diggy Loot is now soft launched in the following countries: Malaysia Philippines Norway Denmark Sweden Finland Croatia Download it here:

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