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Your next jump might be your last!

Tap left or right to jump between walls, grabbing onto the chains and collecting coins as you go. Sounds easy, right?

The walls are closing in on you, too, so time is of the essence. Take too long climbing The Impetus and you’ll be crushed to death. The only way to reverse the wall and buy more time is by collecting coins as you climb.

As you scale The Impetus you’ll encounter deadly traps, including crumbling walls, arrow traps and lethal spikes. Avoid these by timing your jumps and choosing your path up the wall carefully – one mistake means certain death.



  • Easy to understand controls
  • Simple yet intense and challenging gameplay
  • Unpredictable, ever changing situations
  • Complete challenges and achievements
  • Compare your high score with friends and see who is the #1 Impetus champion!

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