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Dig your way through puzzles
in this adventurous journey

Avoid traps and obstacles, collect trophies and rebuild your trophy room, collect stars and unlock new environments.

Hundreds of levels

Take the role of the professor and dig your way through hundreds of levels filled with puzzles, traps, enemies and other obstacles. Use your logic & brain to solve the levels, collect your stolen trophies and get closer to the witch who stole them.

A unique puzzle adventure!


  • Collect all your trophies:
    Hidden throughout each location are parts of your main trophy. Collect them and watch your trophy room get restored to its former glory.
  • Hundreds of levels:
    Complete hundreds of levels spread across unique locations. Visit Egypt, China, Rome, Vikings and many other exiting places.
  • Unique gameplay:
    Dig your way and try to reach the exit. Avoid traps, enemies and other obstacles that are in your way. Use your logic thinking to solve the levels and try to complete all the objectives to finish the level with 3 stars.
  • Compete against friends:
    Connect to Facebook to compete against your friends on who has the highest score on each level. This also always you to synchronize your progress across all devices.

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