Diggy Loot - A Dig Out Adventure

Dig out paths, search for hidden artifacts, solve puzzles and reclaim your stolen trophies.


Take the role of a wise and clever professor in this puzzle adventure digging game. Explore ancient sites and dig out your way to solve puzzles, avoid or disable traps, eliminate enemies and find hidden trophies that the evil witch Elza has left behind and rebuild your trophy room to its former glory.


Dig out your way through hundreds of great levels (300) filled with puzzles, traps, enemies and other obstacles.


Diggy Loot is all about solving puzzles and recovering your trophies while following the professor on his journey. Diggy Loot offers multiple easy and advanced levels spread across ancient and mysterious sceneries. So, take a break and play this fun and unique puzzle game.


** Unique gameplay **

Dig out the ground so the professor can move around. Use your brain and quick thinking to disable traps, eliminate enemies and complete quests to earn stars. Guide the professor to the exit in each level to progress further and further.


** Rebuild your trophy room **

Hidden throughout the game there are artifacts that have been stolen from you by the evil witch Elza. Collect these artifacts to repair the unique trophy in your mansion. Each of the zones in Diggy Loot has a unique trophy room.


** Hundreds of levels **

Explore ancient Egypt, China, Rome, The Wild West and take on challenging puzzles in the Ice Age. Each location has a unique look and more locations are added in future updates.


** Compete against friends **

Connect to Facebook to compete against the high score of your friends. Each level has a unique score, so make sure to do your best on every level! You can also see on the level map how far your friends have come.

Connecting to Facebook also saves your progress so you can play on different devices.

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